Revolver 1.5: Death Rides A Horse (Expansion 1.5)

Revolver 1.5: Death Rides A Horse (Expansion 1.5)

A whole mess of danger lurks in the wilds: from a deranged masked knifeman, to strange lights in the woods, to a secret valley flush with hazards - both lawman and bandit alike will need their wits about them to survive!

Combine this expansion with the base game and build your own deck by adding new cards to the pre-constructed decks, and explore new tactics and define your own play style!

Revolver 1.5: Death Rides a Horse – the fifth in a series of expansions for Revolver 1– provides additional card for all existing decks in the Revolver 1 universe.

Revolver 1.5: Death Rides a Horse includes new cards for both players that give each the opportunity to customize their decks, bringing new variety and replayability to each game.  It also adds cards for the Frontier Decks introduced in Revolver 1.3, as well as a new Battlefield card, a new Ambush card, and new tokens.

Revolver: Death Rides a Horse - components:

•9 new Jack Colty deck cards
•8 new Colonel McReady deck cards
•1 new Battlefield card: Valley of the Gwangi
•11 new Frontier cards
•1 new Ambush card: Rockslide
•6 new tokens

(These cards feature a dagger icon so that players can distinguish them from cards in the base game).

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Time: 45 minutes

Complexity: Easy
Stock#: SG-7005

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