NOT ALONE: Exploration


It is the 25th century. You are a member of an intergalactic expedition shipwrecked on a mysterious planet named Artemia. While waiting for the rescue ship, you begin to explore the planet but an alien entity picks up your scent and begins to hunt you. You are NOT ALONE! Will you survive the dangers of Artemia?

NOT ALONE is an asymmetrical card game, in which one player (the Creature) plays against the stranded explorers (the Hunted).

If you play as one of the Hunted, you will explore Artemia using Place cards. By playing these and Survival cards, you try to avoid, confuse or distract the Creature until help arrives.

If you play as the Creature, you will stalk and pursue the shipwrecked survivors. By playing your Hunt cards and using the mysterious powers of Artemia, you try to wear down the Hunted and assimilate them to the planet forever.

NOT ALONE is a immersive, thematic card game, where you use guessing, bluffing, hand management, and just a pinch of deck-building to achieve your goal, which is survival for the Hunted… or total assimilation for the Creature!

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NOT ALONE: Exploration

NOT ALONE: Exploration is the first expansion for NOT ALONE.

It includes new Hunt cards for the Creature, new Survival cards for the Hunted, and new Location cards for the planet. These 10 new Locations can be played together, or they can be mixed with Locations from the base game, giving NOT ALONE an almost infinite combination of places to explore.

Come visit the planet Artemia again, if you dare, in NOT ALONE: Exploration.

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53 Place Cards
13 Hunt Cards
15 Survival Cards
1 Rulebook

Players: 2-7
Time: 30-45 mins
Ages: 10+

Stock#: SG-7110

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NOT ALONE: Red Artifact Promo Cards Set

NOT ALONE: Red Artifact Promo Cards Set

The Red Artifact Promo Cards Set is composed of 1 Survival card, 1 Hunt card and 4 new Place (#10 Artifact) cards.

The Survival Card (Vaccine) and the Hunt card (Blood Thirst) may be added to their respective stack.

The new place card is a new version of the Artifact (#10 Card) and replaces the one of the basic game.

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