Missing/Damaged Parts

Human beings (and machines) make mistakes sometimes.  Sadly, games involve humans (and machines) on many levels, and therefore upon opening a new/shrink-wrapped product from Stronghold Games, there could be a missing part or a part that is damaged and affects the game play.  We will individually address each request for missing and damaged game parts that comes to us.  The below are guidelines only to get the process moving when you need to place a request.

Missing or Damaged Parts

If you have a newly-purchased/shrink-wrapped Stronghold Games’ product, which was missing parts or had damaged parts when initially opened, please do the following:

  1. Email Customer Service at:  info AT StrongholdGames DOT com
  2. Attach a copy of your Retail Receipt for the game to the email.  We need a receipt, please.
  3. Include your mailing address.
  4. If there is a damaged part, attach a photo of the damaged part(s).
  5. We may ask for additional information and additional photos upon review of what you send.  Sorry in advance.

Note:  The receipt must be from a purchase from a Retailer, and the purchase must have occurred within the last 6 months.

Lost Parts

We do not normally stock, provide, or sell replacement parts for games.  The amount of time it takes to handle these requests, plus the expense to do so, doesn’t make it worthwhile economically or otherwise.

However, we like happy gamers playing our games.

If you are willing to pay for the replacement parts (and not all of the replacements part requests can or will be honored – we just don’t have some), you can email us at the customer service email address, and we can discuss this.  Be prepared to pay a fair amount for this, which includes enough to cover all the costs, such as postage cost, padded envelope, the parts, and someone actually doing the work (yeah, there is a lot to getting out replacements).


Customer Service email:  info AT StrongholdGames DOT com