Space Freaks: Violet Morass

Space Freaks: Violet Morass

Mow down everything in your path as you claim new territory! Erect your corporate flag over a Neutral Base and score victory points each turn!Create brand new Freak upgrades in laboratories to propel your Freaks to the next lethal level! Outwit your opponents by integrating new equipment into your game tactics, but be on the lookout for any tricks up the new Arena Master’s sleeve!

Space Freaks: The Violet Morass, is the first expansion for the popular fighting game Space Freaks.

In Space Freaks: Violet Morass you discover two new arenas buried amongst the deadly thickets and perilous waters of the planet Azorax 5. New Head cards, Freak cards, Arena Master cards, and Sponsor cards add even more variety and replayability. And the brand new Myron’s Modification cards allow players to change Space Freak’s rules mid-game!

1 Double-sided Game board
8 Head cards
32 Freak cards
10 Arena-Master cards
15 Sponsor cards
5 Myron cards
15 Freak upgrade tokens
34 Various tokens

Players: 2-4
Time: 60-90 mins
Ages: 14+

Stock#: SG-7140

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