Five Cucumbers

Five Cucumbers

Five Cucumbers is a trick-taking game with the goal of NOT winning the last trick!

It''s not easy. You have two choices on your turn: Take over a trick by playing a equal or higher card or you must play your lowest card. It is not enough to keep a low card in your hand for the last trick as you will also need some high cards for taking over key tricks.

The player who wins the final (seventh) trick must take cucumbers. Each player collects their cucumbers at the end of a round, and if a player has more than five cucumbers, he is out! Five is the most cucumbers you can have, and in this way, more and more players are out of the game until the final two are playing for victory!  Don''t worry, this is a 20 minute game, so no one is excluded for long!

Five Cucumbers is a modern variant of the trick-taking game Agurk, which is well-known primarily in Scandinavia. We are excited to bring you our new version!

- 60 playing cards (4 each of values of “1“ to “15“)
- 30 wooden cucumbers
- rules sheet

Players: 3-5
Time: 15 mins
Players: 8+

Stock#: SG-9903

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