Völuspá (a.k.a. Voluspa)

Völuspá (a.k.a. Voluspa)

Will Thor survive the challenge of the trickster, Loki?

Will the Valkyries overtake Odin?

In the oldest poem of Norse Mythology, the Völuspá tells the story of the endless struggle of powerful gods, dangerous creatures, and forgotten races. Which beings will dominate?  Here the story will unfold differently each time, as a new force rises in dominance!

In the game, Völuspá, the players play tiles with twelve different characters and creatures of Norse Mythology, using the power of these tiles to block, capture or intimidate in order to control other tiles and score points. The player who scores the most points by dominating other tiles wins the game.

Völuspá is an easy to learn tile-laying game with great depth.  It is a reimagining and retheming of the highly regarded game, Kachina.

Völuspá includes the expansion module Saga of Edda, which offers even more strategic opportunities and replayability!

• An easy to learn tile-laying game with great depth.
• Simple rules: Play a tile; use its power/ability.
• Includes the expansion module, Saga of Edda
• Beautiful artwork by Pierô (Lost Temple)
• Retheming of the highly-regarded game Kachina.

Völuspá contains these great components:
• 60 Cardboard Tiles (base game)
• 25 Cardboard Tiles (Saga of Edda expansion)
• 5 Score Markers
• 5 “+50/+100” Point Tokens
• 1 Score Board
• 1 Rulebook

# Players: 2-5
Complexity: Low
Play time: 45 mins

Stock#: SG-8009

Shhhh! Don''t tell anyone this secret, but... Loki cannot be trusted.

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