Space Cadets: Away Missions – Promo Card Pack

Space Cadets: Away Missions – Promo Card Pack

20 new cards for use in Space Cadets: Away Missions.  This Promo pack was originally available via the Kickstarter, but a limited number are now available on the Stronghold Games website. The 20 Promo Cards are:

15 Rocketeer Item cards

  1. Tricorder
  2. Sniper Scope
  3. Test-tube of the Common Cold
  4. Scanner
  5. DDT
  6. Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
  7. Power of Love/But That’s What Makes Us Human
  8. Thermite
  9. Fiberweave Spacesuit
  10. Sonic Shotgun
  11. Space Monkey
  12. Thermos of Freeze-dried Coffee
  13. Wire Cutters
  14. Firecracker
  15. Space Rations

5 Rescued Thrall cards

  1. Nurse
  2. Chemist
  3. Traffic Cop
  4. Smuggler
  5. Photographer
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