Nations: The Dice Game – Unrest

Nations: The Dice Game – Unrest

Beware! Unrest may manifest itself in the worst possible situation. New benefits await the Nations that act quickly. Build the greatest Nation from your unique starting conditions!

Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest, the first big expansion for Nations: The Dice Game, includes eight new nations. Four additional new concepts are included:

  • Green dice - Unrest (which makes dice rolling a bit more challenging)
  • Star rerolls (these respond to dice showing Unrest icons),
  • Bonus tiles (something else to aim for each round), and
  • Pass first tiles (get more benefits).

Together with the 36 new Progress cards, the replayability is increased significantly.

Act quickly or your nation may succumb to unrest in Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest!

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