My Village

My Village

My Village is here... and it is a new chapter opens in the Village chronicles!  In this stand-alone new game, each player is in charge of his very own village, controlling its entire fate! Known places and characters conjoin with new mechanics to make up a gaming experience that feels so familiar and is yet so different from Village!

Village enthusiasts will recognize some core elements, for example the life time track and the village chronicle. Yet, the new dice mechanism gives a whole new twist and dynamic to taking actions.

My Village is of similar game weight as Village. My Village is a family-saga on a par with Village. It will enchant new players as well as experienced Village fans.

Stronghold Games is proud to be printing all the games in the award-winning Village Family in 2016!

1 main board
4 village boards
108 cards
12 standard dice
70 black markers
1 rat
4 headmen
4 time markers
4 grim reapers
4 day laborer tiles
4 “2/12”-value tiles
58 story point markers
1 starting player hand
1 scoring note pad

Players: 2-4
Time: 60-90 mins
Ages: 12+

Stock#: SG-8020

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