Little Devils

Little Devils

In Little Devils, you try to saddle the opposing players with negative points, which appear as “little devils” in various quantities on the cards that you play. For each “little devil” that you can force an opponent to take, he or she will score one penalty point.

But take care: you will not escape the diabolical plans of your opponents either, who are sending the “little devils” your way too! 

Little Devils is a devilishly fun, trick-taking card game that you want to keep on playing!

Why is "Little Devils" a great game for you? Because...

• It is a trick-taking card game with simple rules
• Just play cards higher or lower than previously played cards in the hand
• Unique mechanic: The second card played (not the first card) determines the goal of the hand!
• Maneuver your opponents into taking cards with more “little devils”
• Compact game in neat tin box: ideal for the train or on vacation
• Excellent family game: a short game length and very approachable

Players: 3-6
Ages: 8+
Time: 20-30 mins

Complexity: Easy
Stock #: SG-8004

Price: $14.95
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