Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake

The restaurant you inherited has been going pretty well, already employing many acclaimed chefs and serving the elite of fine dining, thanks to your commitment, professionalism and hard work! But now, as the customers’ demands rise, new necessities appear that you need to accommodate, with quality pastry-making being the number one priority! Are you going to live up to your restaurant’s reputation and provide fine desserts to your customers?

Piece of Cake, an expansion for Kitchen Rush, adds a new type of order with desserts, ice-cream mini-orders, two new ingredients (crème and fruit with custom-shaped wooden tokens), and a new type of token (ice cream scoops). An extension to the game''s board introduces additional actions for the players, and there is also a 60" hourglass for a specialist worker who can perform improved versions of the available actions.

1 Game Board
4 Player Mat Extensions
1 3D Cardboard Freezer
30 Dessert Order Cards
8 Specialist Ability Cards
1 Ice-Cream Objective Card
1 Upgrade Card
12 Wooden Crème Tokens
12 Wooden Fruit Tokens
12 Wooden Cubes (Chocolate Chips & Nuts)
30 Wooden Disks in 5 colors (Ice-Cream Scoops)
20 Ice-Cream Order tiles
6 Ice-Cream Plates
1 Locked Token
3 Specialist Tokens
1 60" Hourglass (Specialist)
1 Rulebook

Players: 1-4
Time: 30-45 mins
Ages: 12+

Stock#: SG-7160

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