Fast Sloths – PREORDER

Fast Sloths – PREORDER

You are a sloth, and of course you are lazy and move very slowly. However, you want to get at all of the lovely leaves in the beautiful forests. But how to do that, being as slow and lazy as you are? Well, you will allow all of the other animals to carry you around so you can pick up the juicy leaves. You must get those other animals to come to you!

At its core, Fast Sloths is a classic pick up & deliver game, but in this case, it is a “Pick Me Up” and “Deliver Me” game! As a slow lazy sloth, you are the cargo to be delivered. Us sloths cannot take a single step on our own! Race to be the first sloth to get to a designated number of leaves in the jungle to be the winner in Fast Sloths!

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Two-part & double-sided giant Game Board
5 Sloth Boards (one for each Sloth)
5 wooden Sloths (one for each Sloth)
45 wooden Leaves (9 for each Sloth)
34 Animal Discs (for 12 Animal Species)
120 Cards (10 each for 12 Animal Species)
1 sticker sheet (for Animal Discs and wooden Sloths)
1 Overview Sheet
1 Rules Booklet

Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Time: 60 mins

Stock#: SG-6030

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