Space Cadets – Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS

Space Cadets – Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS

How can you command the respect of your crew, Captain, without... well, without them knowing you are the Captain?

And how will you, the Captain, know who to demote when your Helmsman runs you into the third Asteroid field?!

Introducing... Space Cadets - Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS !

The Space Cadets - Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS are an indispensable tool for the Bridge Crew of any non-IP infringing Starship.  Have each member of your crew wear the insignia of the one or more Bridge Stations that they are manning.  They will not only be stylin', but you will know who to bark orders out during those critical seconds before a Core Breach!

Captain, these insignia buttons could be the difference between life and death!  How could you not want a set!

Space Cadets - Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS will only be available directly from Stronghold Games.


Each package contains:

9 Space Cadets - Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS, one for each of the Bridge Station on your very own non-IP infringing Starship!


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