La Granja – Promo Cards

La Granja – Promo Cards

La Granja, the smash-hit eurogame from Stronghold Games, has a 6 card mini-expansion!

These cards are numbered 67 - 72, and are seamlessly integrated into the game:

67 - Buy either 1 harvest good for 1 silver or 1 pig for 2 silver.
68 - Trade any one harvest good for one of each other two harvest goods.
69 - Pay 1 victory point to use one roof tile immediately twice.
70 - Discard a card from your hand to take 1 harvest good of the field depicted on the discarded card. Draw a card.
71 - You receive 1 pig (offspring) even if you only have 1 pig.
72 - Pay 1 silver to change the chosen die by +1 or -1. A 6 can become a 1 and a 1 can become a 6.

NOTE: Cards shipped are in English (not Spanish).

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