The Preorder Program

Why should I Preorder?

The Stronghold Games Preorder Program

Here are some reasons why you should preorder from Stronghold Games:

  1. You receive FREE SHIPPING(*) on the order in the USA ($15 off shipping to Canada and Mexico).
  2. We do not start preorders until the game is PRINTED *and* it is on the ship, en route, to our warehouse. So, we do not take your money until we know when the games will arrive.
  3. These games are not “crowd-funded” (Kickstarter) games.  We use our own money, our great reputation, and our knowledge about hobby games to bring to you the best games in the world.
  4. The Preorder window is open for only ~4 weeks prior to release. You don’t have to wait long for your games!
  5. You are guaranteed to have your game shipped to you before ANYONE else, and that includes Distributors and Retailers.
  6. You will have one of the first 500 copies of these games. Only 500 units are permitted to be Preordered, as we respect our partnership with Retailers.


For FREE SHIPPING in the USA (and $15 off on shipping to Canada/Mexico) on PREORDER items, use one of these Discount Codes during Checkout:

  • For USA deliveries, use this Discount Code:  I-LOVE-STRONGHOLD-GAMES
  • For Canada/Mexico deliveries, use this Discount Code:  I-LOVE-STRONGHOLD-CANADA

NOTE: Use the above ONLY for items with PREORDER in the name (like “Get The Cheese! – PREORDER”).
Using it for any other games will result in the order being canceled and refunded.

Recent changes to the Preorder Program

Stronghold Games loves and respects the Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS).  It is through the FLGS that we all will build local communities of gamers, expand the audience of potential gamers, and grow as an industry.  And it is our belief that only through the FLGS will we truly grow to ultimately become a mainstream hobby – and this is good for ALL of us: Publishers, Distributors, Retailers, and Gamers.

To this end, and in response to our FLGS partners, we have changed how our preorders work.  The previous discount on Preorder games no longer applies.  We apologize to our loyal preorder customers if this is an issue, but in the long run, we believe this is best for the industry, the gaming community, and retailers overall.

Instead for all preorders, we are offering FREE SHIPPING(*) on the preorder in the USA ($15 off shipping to Canada and Mexico).  You will also have your game shipped to you directly before it is available anywhere else.

Thank you for your time!  Happy gaming!

(*) Offer applies to preorders where the total order is over $30.