Revolver 1.x: By the Gun They Died

Revolver 1.x: By the Gun They Died

NOTE: This is available in North America ONLY on the Stronghold Games website! That's what I'm sayin', Pardner!

Revolver: By the Gun They Died is an expansion set of cards, which can be used to customize the two decks in Revolver 1: The Wild West Gunfighting Game. Between matches, the owner of a deck can draft new cards in for old, leaving each deck at 62 cards. The cards included in the set are:

Colonel McReady's deck:

  • Apache Warrior (5 copies)
  • "Set the train ablaze!"
  • Pony Express Relay Station
  • Ruined Chapel at El Ray
  • Herschel Papazian - Pinkerton Sharpshooter
  • Sefton Redshaw - Bounty Hunter
  • Clear Skies
  • Brady Logan
  • Elias Hooker
  • "Wriggler" Hooley and the Swain Boys

Jack Colty's deck:

  • Austin Granby - Railroad Engineer
  • "She's carryin' your grandchild!"
  • Banditos (5 copies)
  • Turkey Joe
  • Bullet: Vicious Mutt (alternate bandit)
  • Uncouple the Caboose
  • Buttermilk – Colty's Mustang
  • Robber's Roost (2 copies)

NOTE:  You must have the base game “Revolver 1: The Wild West Gunfighting Game” to enjoy this expansion.

This expansion for REVOLVER 1 contains:

- 27 Cards (13 for the Colty deck, 14 for the McReady deck)

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