La Granja: The Dice Game – No Siesta!

La Granja

In La Granja, 1-4 players control small farms by the Alpich pond near the village of Esporles on the island of Mallorca. During the course of the game, the players develop their farms and deliver goods to the village as they vie to earn the title of La Granja for their country estate. Speed and timing is critical!

La Granja is a fascinating game that requires careful planning. Successful players must learn to cope with the vagaries of the dice and cards. The player who has earned the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner and new owner of the La Granja estate!

Over the course of 6 game rounds, players will expand their farm by adding fields, farm extensions, market barrows, and helpers.  They will earn VPs by delivering goods to the village of Esporles. Players have two options to early VPs in the village:

1. When a player has fully supplied a craft building, he received VPs and a craft market which grants a bonus for the remainder of the game.

2. When a player has fully supplied a market barrow on his farm, he sets up a market stall in the marketplace and receives VPs and a trade commodity.

It is important to observe the actions of other players, to manipulate turn order, and to adjust for the dice and the cards during the course of the game.

The player who has earned the most VPs by the end of the game is the winner and earns title of La Granja for their estate!


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LA GRANJA contains these great components

1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
66 Farm Cards
9 Revenue Dice
104 Wooden Player Markers
16 Donkey Markers
38 Cardboard Silver Coins
66 Victory Point Markers
4 Game Order Markers
24 Roof Markers
24 Craft Markers
3 Building Order Markers
4 Player Aids
1 Rulebook
1 Card Glossary

Players: 1-4
Ages: 12+
Time: 90-120 mins
Complexity: Medium

Stock#: SG-6003

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La Granja – Promo Cards

La Granja, the smash-hit eurogame from Stronghold Games, has a 6 card mini-expansion!

These cards are numbered 67 – 72, and are seamlessly integrated into the game:

67 – Buy either 1 harvest good for 1 silver or 1 pig for 2 silver.
68 – Trade any one harvest good for one of each other two harvest goods.
69 – Pay 1 victory point to use one roof tile immediately twice.
70 – Discard a card from your hand to take 1 harvest good of the field depicted on the discarded card. Draw a card.
71 – You receive 1 pig (offspring) even if you only have 1 pig.
72 – Pay 1 silver to change the chosen die by +1 or -1. A 6 can become a 1 and a 1 can become a 6.

NOTE: Cards shipped are in English (not Spanish).

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La Granja: The Dice Game – No Siesta!

La Granja: The Dice Game – No Siesta! is a standalone dice game following up the smash hit, Top 100 Ranked, boardgame La Granja.

Players need to collect resources to cross them off on their scoring sheet in order to get the most victory points. They can hire helpers to use their special effects. They build a barn to store goods and sometimes they need to have a little time off and have a Siesta!

The dice game singles out the dice mechanism from the boardgame and transfers it into a much lighter game. Every round the players roll the dice and draft them until everybody has at least three dice to score.

Once a player completes the siesta track the game comes to an end. Whoever collected resources in the most effective way will win the game!

La Granja: The Dice Game – No Siesta! supports up to 4 players…and can be played SOLO!

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• 9 dice
• 1 pad of player tally sheets
• 1 pad of score sheets
• 4 pencils
• 32 wooden disks (8 in each player color)
• 24 roof tiles
• 36 helper tiles (6 in each player color and 12 grey tiles)
• 1 “Siesta Track” board
• 1 “The Esporles Market” board
• 4 revenue boards (in the player colors)
• 1 start player “pig” meeple
• 1 sticker sheet for the dice
• Rulebook

Players: 1-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 30-45 mins

Stock#: SG-0004

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