Game Design Submissions

Game Designers:

Stronghold Games will review your original game designs for potential publication by our company brands.

To submit a game design for consideration, we require the following:

  1. Sell Sheet:
    This is a one-page document that describes the game:
    - thematically and mechanically.
    - provides a list of the components.
    - shows an image or photo of the game on the table.
    - provides the hard stats: Number of Players, Time to Play, Ages Recommended
  2. Rules of the game:
    Naturally, the rules must be clearly written and complete.  We strongly suggest that you show it to others to ensure the Rulebook is clear and complete.
  3. How to Play Video:
    This is a video that shows the prototype game on the table, and takes the viewer through all the game concepts, as well as a full turn sequence. This should be no more than 20 minutes in length, enough for the viewer to understand the general idea of how the game is played.
    NOTE: This “How to Play Video” is not required. However, submissions that include a “How to Play” video are given increased attention and have a much higher chance of moving onto the next round of consideration.

After we review the above, if it looks interesting, then we may ask for a prototype of the game.  You should have this ready.  Do not send it to us at this time until it is requested.

Please send the Sell Sheet, the Rules, and a link to the How To Play video (if available) to:

Thank you in advance.