The Golden Ages: Wonderpack Promo

The Golden Ages

In The Golden Ages, you lead your civilizations through history. The game lasts four different eras, during which you develop technologies, create fine arts, erect buildings, and build wonders. You”ll send explorers to discover the continents, found cities in distant lands, and send your soldiers into battles.

The first player starting a Golden Age during an era chooses a “History Judgement” card that states the way all the players will score in that round. Each player who started a Golden Age continues taking money at his turns until all other players have passed.

There are many ways to score points — artists, the judgement of history, wonders, technologies, attacks, money, secret future technologies, etc. — as well as many different ways to achieve a victory. Will you succeed in evolving your civilization through history, overwhelming your opponents on the way to glory? Will you take your civilization into… The Golden Ages!

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Game Board
17 Continent Tiles
1 Sticker leaflet
1 Agora Tile
16 Glory Tiles
100 value in cardboard gold tokens
16 Wonder cards
25 Civilization cards
9 Future Technology cards
10 History”s Judgement cards
24 Building cards
1 Player Aid
1 Rulebook
And in each of the 4 Player Colors:
- 1 Player Board
- 3 Colonists
- 1 Score Marker
- 1 Capital Marker
- 16 Technology Tiles
- 12 Cubes

Players: 2-4
Time: 90-120 mins
Ages: 12+

Stock#: SG-8016

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The Golden Ages: Cults & Cultures

The Golden Ages: Cults & Culture is an expansion for The Golden Ages.

Will your civilization invest in culture, contributing to the birth of new works of art?  Will you advance in science and technology, creating great new inventions?  Or will you choose to spread your religious beliefs in order to obtain an ever-increasing following?  There are many new ways to advance your civilization into The Golden Ages!

The Golden Ages: Cults & Culture expansion adds the ability to play with a fifth player, plus new Civilizations, new Wonders, new Future Technology cards and a new deck of Culture cards.  The challenge to reach for The Golden Ages is more exciting than ever!

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5th Player components:
- 1 Player Mat (210 x 297 mm)
- 16 Tech tiles (30 x 44 mm)
- 1 wooden Scoring Disc
- 12 black wooden cubes
- 3 black Meeples

And these new components:

- 5 wood Culture Track discs

- 25 cardboard Culture tokens (5 each player) (~18mm)
- 1 cardboard Culture Board (210 x 297 mm)
- 10 cardboard Glory tokens, octagonal (~19 x 19 mm)
- 4 cardboard Land Tiles (44 x 44mm)
- 16 cardboard Cult tokens (~15mm)
- 8 cardboard “10 Gold Coin” tokens

- 8 Wonder cards (63.5 x 88.9mm)
- 7 Civilization cards (63.5 x 88.9mm)
- 3 Future tech cards (63.5 x 88.9mm)
- 3 History judgment cards (63.5 x 88.9mm)
- 5 Summary cards(63.5 x 88.9mm)
- 6 Masterpieces cards (43.5 x 67.5mm)
- 8 Building cards (43.5 x 67.5mm)
- 40 Culture cards (43.5 x 67.5mm)

Players: 2-5
Time: 90-120 mins
Ages: 12+

Stock#: SG-7050

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The Golden Ages: Wonderpack Promo

The Golden Ages: Wonderpack Promo contains 5 new Wonders for use with The Golden Ages base game and The Golden Ages: Cults & Cultures expansion from Stronghold Games.

The 5 new Wonders are:

  1. the Colosseum
  2. the Amsterdam Stock Exchange
  3. the Brandenburg Gate
  4. the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  5. Mount Rushmore

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