Revolver 1.1: Ambush on Gunshot Trail (Expansion 1.1)

Revolver 1.1: Ambush on Gunshot Trail (Expansion 1.1)

The mayor of Repentance Springs has fallen down a mine shaft. Undismayed, Ned McReady vows to keep the peace, by fair means or foul – his way or the road to Perdition. The only fly in this curly wolf''s ointment is Jack Colty - a loose cannon, robbing banks, and shooting folks, and he don''t care a continental – if you believe the stories. With a plan hatched behind the gospel mill, Ned sets out to put a spoke in Jack''s wheel. Deals are struck. Ambushes are set.

In the end, only one side will claim victory. Will it be yours?

Revolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail is the first in a series of expansions for our hit wild west shooter Revolver: The Wild West Gunfighting Game.

In Revolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail each player is given more options to play and win:

– The Colonel McReady player has greater strategic options through the placement of Ambush Cards underneath the battlefield cards.

- The Jack Colty player receives two new Bandits to bolster his outlaw band.

- Each player receives new cards for their decks giving them the opportunity to customize their decks before play, and bringing new variety and replayability to each game!

This and the other expansions will provide greater depth of play and more replayability to an already excellent wild west themed game!


2 Bandit cards: Sister Sara & mule, and Cooter & Bobby Joe
6 Ambush cards, bordered with barbed wire
11 Ned McReady deck expansion cards
11 Jack Colty deck expansion cards
6 Tokens

(These cards feature a rattlesnake icon so that players can distinguish them from cards in the base game.)

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Time: 45 minutes

Complexity: Easy
Stock#: SG-7001

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