Revolver 2 : Last Stand at Malpaso

Revolver 2 : Last Stand at Malpaso

Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso is a two-player card game set in the Old West, in which one player takes the role of General Mapache and his band of thieving outlaws, and the other player is controlling the villagers and guardians hired to protect the town of Malpaso, led by the infamous Padre Esteban.  Each player has a unique deck of cards with unique possibilities as well as different winning conditions, which requires different tactics and different methods of play.

But very importantly, how is Revolver 2 different than Revolver 1 ?

More than just new locations, Revolver 2 features brand new gameplay elements, like the ability for players to use a mine cart-mounted Gatling gun, blow up a bridge, assemble their own team of gunfighters, and dynamite mine tunnels. The game also includes a terrific Stud Poker mini-game that determines in which town the initial firefights occur.

Like the original Revolver 1, the game remains elegantly simple and can be learned in five minutes. That said, Revolver 2 is a standalone game and the cards from Revolver 1 and its expansions (red packaging) are not interchangable with Revolver 2 and its expansions (green packaging).  Both Revolver 1 and Revolver 2 will be supported going forward with new expansions.

Each game of Revolver is not only thematic, it is cinematic!  Revolver 2 is like watching the sequel movie to Revolver 1 !

In 1894, farmers from the small village of Malpaso face the prospect of again losing their livelihood to a band of roving thieves, led by the self-styled "General" Mapache – himself wanted by the Mexican National Defense Army.

Their solution is to go to the much admired but fallen from grace "Padre" Esteban, and see whether he can hire gunfighters to protect them. After trying to raise funds by any means at the "All Rivers" Poker tournament, the Padre recruits a band of gunslingers for the task and, once complete, travels back to the village over the precipitous Los Quantos bridge – all the while harassed by a detachment of the General''s men. There they fortify Malpaso itself, and usher the frightened villagers into the abandoned silver mine for protection.

When the bandits finally attack, both sides are prepared. Mapache''s men unleashing their Gatling gun to devastating effect, while the villagers have a few tricks of their own. Both sides will suffer many casualties in the calamitous battle, but will the Mexican Army arrive in time to put an end to the bloodshed?

"Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso" contains:

• 62 card General Mapache deck
• 62 card Padre Esteban deck
• 19 Malpaso guardians cards
• 9 Battlefield cards
• 1 Dynamite the Bridge card
• 1 Gatling Gun card
• 1 Collapse the Tunnels card
• 1 Arrival of the Mexican Army card
• 2 All Rivers Poker summary cards
• 12 All Rivers Poker Tournament cards
• 14 Mexican Army tokens
• 11 True Grit (extra life) tokens
• 4 Malpaso guardians power tokens
• 9 General Mapache power tokens
• 1 Turn marker
• 1 Rulebook

Players: 2
Ages: 12+
Time: 45 mins
Complexity: Low-Medium

Stock#: SG-8008

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