Going, Going, GONE!

Going, Going, GONE!

Going, Going, GONE! a game designed by Scott Nicholson, the host of the very popular web video series "Board Games With Scott".  Scott has created a new video for this game.  Watch it now!



Can you keep calm while bids are rising?  Experience the exhilaration of real life auctions!

In Going, Going, GONE!, players are trying to win items by bidding on 5 simultaneous auctions while the Auctioneer counts down from 10 to 1!

Players bid on these 5 simultaneous auctions by physically dropping their wooden cubes (known as "Bucks") into any or all of the 5 transparent Auction Cups, each of which represents an auction for one or two Item Cards.

At the end of the countdown, the Auctioneer says "GONE!", and quickly places the Auction Paddle over the 5 Auction Cups to close the auctions.  The player who has the most Bucks in each Auction Cup wins that auction and takes the Item Cards for that auction.  Collection of items may be sold throughout the game for more Bucks, or players can keep building their collections to sell them at the end of the game.

The player with the most Bucks at the end of the game wins!

Going, Going, GONE! is a simple to learn, exciting and unique game for players of all skill levels!  It is ideal for playing in public spaces.  Since the players control the pacing of the game and the variants used, the game adapts to the playing style of the players.


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