Stronghold Games Announces Space Cadets: Away Missions

January 19th, 2015 by SHG_Stephen

Stronghold Games Announces
Space Cadets: Away Missions

Launching As A Kickstarter Project,
Featuring As Many As 100 Plastic Miniatures,
With Free Worldwide Shipping For Early Adopters

[EDIT:  Link to Kickstarter campaign: ]

New Jersey, USA – January 19, 2015


Stronghold Games is proud to announce Space Cadets: Away Missions, the third standalone game in the Space Cadets franchise of cooperative and team space-themed games.

Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, scenario-based, tactical action game set in the Golden Age of science fiction, making it a thematic prequel to the first two Space Cadets games. In this game, players take on the roles of adventurous human spacemen (“Rocketeers”) who explore UFOs, acquire alien technology and fight hordes of hostile extraterrestrials.

Each turn, Rocketeers spend action points on activities such as firing atomic rifles, analyzing exotic equipment, or subduing the malicious Brain-in-a-Jar. When the Rocketeers are finished, the Aliens take their turns by following simple movement and combat protocols. Seven types of hostile Aliens threaten the Rocketeers, from the repulsive Mind Leeches to the rampaging titanic Sentinels.

Space Cadets: Away Missions has scenarios linked in a campaign story arc. These “Away Missions” are set at various locations, feature different combinations of Aliens, and have diverse objectives for the Rocketeers to achieve. Hexagonal map tiles are arranged to form the locations, such as flying saucers, rocket ships, and space stations. Cooperation, tactical planning and a bit of luck are essential if the Rocketeers are to overcome the relentless horde of little green men.

In a departure from its previous publications, Stronghold Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign for this game, which is the most ambitious project in its 5+ years in the hobby game industry. By utilizing Kickstarter for this publication, Space Cadets: Away Missions will contain as many as 100 detailed, professionally-sculpted plastic miniatures to represent the heroic Rocketeers and the rampaging Aliens.  Stronghold Games will print this impressive project at Ludofact Germany, the leading printer of hobby games in the world, where the best-selling miniatures board games in the world also have been printed.

As an added bonus, free worldwide shipping will be offered to the Early Adopter Pledge Levels of the Kickstarter campaign for Space Cadets: Away Missions.  The project is scheduled to deliver to Kickstarter backers in August 2015.  The game will be available in retail venues at a date after it ships to all backers.

The Kickstarter for Space Cadets: Away Missions will begin within days of this announcement.

[EDIT:  KS campaign link: ]

“We wanted to publish a game in our Space Cadets franchise, which not only has incredible gameplay, but also is beautiful to behold on the table”, said Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. “With as many as 100 plastic miniatures, Space Cadets: Away Missions moves us into an entirely new market. To ensure that this market does exist for us, we are employing Kickstarter for this project only. We are using Kickstarter in the same manner as much larger companies than us have done in the past when they reached into new markets.”


Stronghold Games Announces Pictomania by Vlaada Chvatil — PREORDERS NOW OPEN!

January 5th, 2015 by SHG_Stephen

Pictomania is designed by Vlaada Chvatil, designer of five of the Top 100 Ranked Games on BGG

New Jersey, USA – January 5, 2015


Stronghold Games is proud to announce the publication of the second English language edition of Pictomania.  This game was previously published only in a very limited edition in English by Czech Games Edition.  With the Stronghold Games global distribution network, this publication will provide gamers worldwide
with access to this great game.

Pictomania is a drawing game for 3 to 6 players.  In Pictomania, however, it really doesn’t matter if you can draw well at all. Each player will draw a picture of a word given to them and at the same time try to guess the drawings of the other players.  You don’t have time for a masterpiece – just a small doodle will suffice – and then you will have more time to guess.  The player who can doodle just a little bit while making good guesses at the other drawings will be the winner.

Pictomania is designed by the great Vlaada Chvatil, the designer of five of the Top 100 rated games on  Games designed by Mr.
Chvatil include Through The Ages™, Mage Knight™, Space Alert™, Galaxy Trucker™, Dungeon Petz™ and Dungeon Lords™.

Stronghold Games has printed Pictomania at Ludofact Germany, the leading printer of hobby games in the world. Pictomania has a firm Street Date of March 18, 2015, which is timed with the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV that week.  Stronghold Games will be in attendance at the GAMA Trade Show, and have copies to demonstrate.  Pictomania has an MSRP of $49.95.

As with all of its new game releases, Stronghold Games will offer Pictomania to its North American customers via their industry-leading Preorder Program.  The Stronghold Games Preorder Program offers preorder customers 30% off MSRP, and the guarantee that the games will ship to them before any other customers, including Distributors and Retailers.

Stronghold Games’ preorders for Pictomania begin today, January 5, 2015, coinciding with this announcement. Preorders will begin to ship in mid-February 2015.



The Stronghold Games Release Schedule!

May 31st, 2014 by SHG_Stephen

Stronghold Games is proud to announce its 2014 Release Schedule!

As you can see from the below, it is a big year… a REALLY BIG YEAR… here at Stronghold Games!

Regardless of the type of gamer you are, we have something coming out this year for you! Check out this release schedule — We’ll put it up proudly against any other publisher’s releases!

Oh… and if you want to be the FIRST to get your game, and do so at 30% off MSRP, be sure to watch for our PREORDER announcements! To find out when our games go on preorder, please:

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You’ll be the first to hear about the Preorders starting, as well as all other things STRONGHOLD GAMES!




Preorders start

Preorder Price – 30% off





Among The Stars




Space Cadets:

Dice Duel – Die Fighter












Core Worlds: Revolution




Among The Stars: The Ambassadors (expansion 1)




Among The Stars: Expanding the Alliance (expansion 2)









Automotive Revolution




Space Cadets:

Resistance is Mostly Futile




Space Cadets:

Away Missions

Soon on


With  *100 *

Plastic Minis!


Pictomania – by Vlaada Chvatil

January 2015





“Great Designer’s Series – #1”

February 2015





Dark Moon

early 2015




Dates are subject to change.


Stronghold Games – a Bronze SPONSOR of International Table Top Day! Come out and play on April 4-6, 2014!

March 30th, 2014 by SHG_Stephen

Stronghold Games is proud to be a Bronze-level SPONSOR of International Table Top Day, Saturday, April 5, 2014!

We urge all gamers to gather on this great occassion and celebrate the hobby that we all love so much!  Table Top Day events are being organized literally all over the world, so find one close to you (OR organize your own!), and join in this great day of gaming!

You can jump over to the Table Top Day website to find an event close to you at this link:

OR maybe… if you happen to be in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvannia, or the greater NYC metropolitan area, how about joining the Stronghold Games team at MAELSTROM in Morristown, NJ!  Here is a link to information about the Stronghold Games event at Maelstrom (and read on for a DISCOUNT CODE for pre-registering):

Stronghold Games will be hosting game events at the Maelstrom Game Convention from Friday, April 4 (starting at 6pm) through Sunday, April 6 (ending around 4pm), so this is a 3-day event!  That’s a lot of TABLE TOP GAMING!

All of the great games from Stronghold Games will be available for play, including some unreleased games (like Rogue Agent and the Voluspa: Order of the Gods expansion) and prototypes of to-be-released games (like Kanban: Automotive Revolution and Panmax)!  We’ll also be featuring one of our latest games, SPACE SHEEP!.

Registration for the Maelstrom convention is necessary to play, but Stronghold Games has arranged a discount for all of its fans who pre-register for the convention (and you *must* pre-register to get the discount).  To pre-register, go to this website and enter the Special Discount code below:

Go to:
Use Special Discount Code:   Stronghold-Maelstrom-$5

We’ll be free-styling at the convention! So, you will be able to chose from ANY of the Stronghold Games’ products to play, and have someone teach you if you don’t know how to play.  We’ll have a lot of games with us to play, and we’ll be featuring these new games:

  • “Rogue Agent” (not available yet in stores!)
  • “Voluspa” plus the expansion “Volupsa: Order of the Gods” (not available yet in stores!)
  • “Space Sheep!“ (a featured game at Geek & Sundy’s event!)
  • “Going, Going, GONE!“ (by Scott Nicholson of Board Games With Scott)

Come join us!  Pre-register at the link above for the discount, OR just register onsite if you want!  Gaming fun for all!

PREORDERS for “Rogue Agent (LIMITED EDITION)” and “Voluspa: Order of the Gods” expansion NOW OPENED!

January 28th, 2014 by SHG_Stephen

This long-awaiting Preorder has finally ARRIVED!

Preorder either or BOTH of these great new games at the usual preorder discount of 30% off MSRP!:

  1. Rogue Agent (LIMITED EDITION)
  2. Voluspa: Order of the Gods  (the expansion for the great game of Voluspa)

Click here to go the the Preorder page now!

What’s all the buzz on these two great games?  Well, here ya go…

Rogue Agent (LIMITED EDITION) - designed by David Ausloos

NOTE: This “Limited Edition” of the game will contain 10 additional Criminal cards. Please note that this will be the only printing of the LIMITED EDITION of Rogue Agent.

2048, Earth. The corrupt government has lost grip on Rain City, a brooding metropolis were crime runs amok, depsite patrolling police squads. This desparate battle has recently seen a new player: a secret Agency of Bounty Hunters, attempting to control the endless assaults on innercity life.

Your task: Defeat and arrest Ciminals, defuse high tech bombs that threaten to destroy city districts, and prevent assassins from completing their destructive path. You are one of the members of this secretive brotherhood of justice. So… are you ready to survive the crime waves in the big city and uncover the infiltrating Androids amongst your team that plan a revolt?

Rogue Agent is a tense cyberpunk adventure game, pitching players against underground networks. The game features detailed plastic miniatures, a large variety of unique criminals to defeat, special icon-driven custom dice, and two different game play modes.


Voluspa: Order of the Gods - expansion for VoluspaVoluspa: Order of the Gods  - designed by Scott Caputo

The balance of power is shifting among the Order Of The Gods!

- The goddess Freya can permanently increase the value of the other beings.

- The resourceful Dwarf taps the power of neighboring gods.

- The monsterous Niohoggr hoards extra benefits for anyone brave enough to defeat it.

- And the swift flying Raven can score twice in the same turn!

Play these new tiles with the Voluspa base game, or blend tiles from the “Voluspa: Order of the Gods” expansion with tiles from the “Saga of Edda” expansion!

Four recommended game setup variants are included, and many other variants are possible, enabling you to enjoy Voluspa and these expansions in many different ways!

The possibilities in Voluspa are more endless than ever!


Click here for more information on each game and to go to the preorder page!