Knights Of The Stronghold

Hear ye goodly peoples of the realm!

Who amongst ye conceives that they are worthy of the Quest for the Holy Games!

Who amongst ye proclaims their allegiance to The Stronghold to become one of…

The Knights of the Stronghold !

Become a member of the best Demo Team in the Kingdom! Join…

The Knights Of The Stronghold !

The Knights Of The Stronghold demo games for Stronghold Games at game stores, meetup groups, and local (or national) conventions.  As a Knight Of The Stronghold, you get:

  • Training in the games that you want to run.
  • Assistance in scheduling demos throughout the year.
  • T-shirt with the awesome Knights Of The Stronghold logo, plus advertising materials, to show that you are an official representative of Stronghold Games.
  • Ability to earn Herald Points that you can exchange for games from Stronghold Games and other companies.

The more games you run, the faster you advance in the program. Each appearance earns you Herald Points, which earns you new levels of national recognition. Plus, those Herald Points can be exchanged for new games, special additions to games straight from the designers and publishers, and dozens of other great gifts from Envoy(*) partners.

Perhaps you already enjoy running games for others. Maybe you already travel around your region as a game master at conventions, game stores and meetups. Or have you always wanted to, but you needed help getting started? This program is for you!

For more information on how to join The Knights Of The Stronghold, click this link:

NOTE: When submitting your application to join, in the “Notes” field, ensure that you say:

“I want to join The Knights Of The Stronghold!”
This will ensure that the Envoy(*) program knows you want to be a Knight!

For more information on Envoy(*), the administrators of The Knights Of The Stronghold program, and ways that Retailers, Conventions, and Game Groups can become involved, click this link:

Become a member of the team! Become a Knight!  Join…

The Knights Of The Stronghold !

(*) The Knights Of The Stronghold program is being administered by Envoy. The program is currently open to USA residents only.  We *love* our Knights who have helped us at Essen and who support us in many other countries, so we are hoping for an expansion of this to other countries in the future.