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Terraforming Mars DIGITAL

Stronghold Games is proud to announce that the mega-smash-hit game, Terraforming Mars, will be coming to the digital platform under (tentatively) iOS, Android, and Steam in 2018!

Asmodee Digital will be implementing this great game on their online platform, which already features many of the top hobby games in the world.

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Stronghold Games Timer

The Stronghold Games Timer app for iOS and Android provides countdown timers that can be used specifically for Stronghold Games board games that now or in the future utilize timers.  Functionality is also included for a generic countdown timer that can be used for any board game that requires a timer.

NEW!!!  Stronghold Games Timer app now provides news and SPECIAL OFFER announcements, exclusively to users of the app!  Download and see the scroll at the bottom of the app!

The Stronghold Games Timer app supports:

Space Cadets

The Stronghold Games Timer app completely replaces the Captain’s Display and the sand timer in Space Cadets.  It enables you to track each step in the turn sequence, counts down the time required for each step with a red alert klaxon during the final 10 seconds, tracks the Nemesis ship, and links to the Tutorial Videos that we had posted already on our website.  It is a great technology-based addition to this Sci-Fi real-time cooperative game!

Article 27: The UN Security Council Game

The Stronghold Games Timer app provides the 5 minute countdown timer to replace the sand timer in Article 27.  It also features gavel sounds at each minute during the round, plus some great crowd sounds and final gravel raps during the final 10 seconds of the round.

Simple Timer

The Stronghold Games Timer app can be used for any game that requires a countdown timer.  It can be set from 1 second to 59 minutes 59 seconds.  A gavel strike will sound at each minute, and during the final 10 seconds a red alert klaxon will sound.

- Time ‘N’ Space

The Stronghold Games Timer app supports the 30-minute and 12-minute countdowns for the full and introductory games, respectively, AND plays the full soundtrack for both of these games!

- Going, Going, GONE!

The Stronghold Games Timer app provides the “10, 9, 8, …1, GONE!” countdown… and you can have this go Slow, Medium, Fast… or RANDOM speed!

Space Sheep!

The Stronghold Games Timer app provides full support for all steps of this real-time game, including tracking the Timer, the Defense Console cards, movement of the Wolf, etc!


Kanban is online now – for FREE!

Take an overview of the game  here:

and play it here:



Stronghold Games is proud to be teaming up with Tabletopia, the premiere online tabletop gaming platform!

Games that will be featured include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Dark Moon
  • Kanban
  • Space Cadets
  • Space Cadets: Dice Duel
  • Space Cadets: Away Missions
  • Survive: Space Attack!

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Unfortunately, Survive: Escape From Atlantis! is no longer available on iOS (or Android).  We are very sorry about this.  We hope that this great game can be brought back to a digital platform in the near future.