RETAILERS: Demo Copies

Information for RETAILERS: Stronghold Games wants to help you! We invite you to participate in our Demo Copy Program, which is designed to make our games available at your store for demos and playing. We created a form (below) to promote the program and to enable customers to express their interest to you in having our games available for demos and plays. Here are the details of the program, and how you can order demo copies:

  • Brick and mortar retailers may order demo copies of our games from PSI Marketing:
    [We hope to enable this via these 5 distribution partners in the future:  Alliance, ACD, GTS, PHD, and Southern.]
  • You may order 1 demo copy per title at 75% off MSRP, or alternatively receive 1 copy FREE with the purchase of a case pack.  You may only order 1 copy of each title per physical brick and mortar location per calendar year.
  • Demo copies of games will be stickered appropriately by PSI in-house using mildly damaged products or core stock, and if core stock is used, the pricing discount will be covered by Stronghold Games.
  • AND, SIGN UP NOW to be notified immediately about this and OTHER ways that we can help you! Sign up here:

Information for GAMERS: We have created a form to make it easy for you to communicate about this program with your FLGS (friendly local game store)! To help your FLGS know what games you are interested in having in-store for demos and/or playing:

  1. Click the link below.
  2. A PDF will display, which shows a list of all current and soon-to-be available standalone games from Stronghold Games.
  3. Print the PDF
  4. CHECK THE BOX or boxes next to the games in which you are most interested in seeing the FLGS have available in the store for demos and/or playing.
  5. Go to your FLGS, and politely share this request with your Retailer……and also this will let them know about the Stronghold Games Demo Copy Program! We need you to help us spread the word!

Click here to download the Stronghold Games Demo Copy Information and Request Form

Thank you RETAILERS and GAMERS for helping to make this program, as well as Stronghold Games, a great success!