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Preorders for VOLUSPA and VAMPIRE EMPIRE open!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Stronghold Games is proud to announce that Preorders for these great 2013 Summer releases are now open!



Vampire Empire

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And here is more information and pics on these games…



Will Thor survive the challenge of the trickster, Loki? Will the Valkyries overtake Odin?

In the oldest poem of Norse Mythology, the Völuspá tells the story of the endless struggle of powerful gods, dangerous creatures, and forgotten races. Which beings will dominate? Here the story will unfold differently each time, as a new force rises in dominance!

In the game, Völuspá, the players play tiles with twelve different characters and creatures of Norse Mythology, such as Thor, Loki, Odin, Valkyries, Dragons, using the power of
these to block, capture or intimidate in order to control other tiles and score points. The player who scores the most points by dominating other tiles wins the game.

Völuspá is an easy to learn tile-laying game with great depth. It is a reimagining and retheming of the highly regarded game, Kachina.

Völuspá includes the expansion module, Saga of Edda, which offers even more strategic opportunities and replayability!


Vampire Empire

In a foreboding castle somewhere in central Europe, a strange fear has descended upon the inhabitants. One morning the body of a young girl was found, as pale as a sheet of paper and totally drained of blood. Vampires are on the prowl! Who is the monster who murders innocent during the night? Before the truth will be discovered, more than one person may face unjust accusations thrown out by the devious servants of darkness.

Will the Hunters successfully catch the Vampires before they endanger the entire society, or will the castle and city fall forever into darkness?

In Vampire Empire, three characters in the castle are Vampires. A human Hunter is trying to determine which three of nine characters he encounters are, in fact, monsters hiding in human form so that he can eliminate them. The Vampire, on the other hand, must bluff cleverly, present confusing clues, and trick the Hunter into attacking innocent citizens. By doing this, the Vampire can kill the most important characters in the city or conquer the castle.


Vampire Empire is a highly thematic game for 2 players, one taking on the role of the Vampire and the other the Hunter. Featuring deduction and bluffing, each player’s deck of cards is unique and grants the powers required to either escape if you are the Vampire or destroy the undead if you are the Hunter.


Click here to go to the Preorder Page for these great games!


Survive! Mini-Expansions available in the Stronghold Games store!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

For our best selling game, “Survive: Escape From Atlantis!“, we now have THREE Mini-Expansions available for purchase in the Stronghold Games store!  These are:

  • Survive: 5-6 Player mini-expansion ($9.95)
  • Survive: The Giant Squid mini-expansion ($5.95)
  • Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice mini-expansion ($9.95)

The “Survive: The Giant Squid” and the “Survive: 5-6 Player” Mini-Expansions are back after being out-of-print for quite some time.  These have been rebranded with our beautiful 30th Anniversary artwork.

Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice” is an all-new mini-expansion, and never-before released by itself.  It consists of:

  1. Dolphins!  You get 4 Dolphin tokens to add into this great game!
  2. Dive Dice!  You get 2 blue engraved “Dive Dice”, which make the very cutthroat game of Survive! even more cutthroat!  [It takes cutthroat to an "11"!]
  3. Creature Die!  You get 1 red engraved Creature Die, which is a replacement for the red Creature Die that came with the base game.  You don’t need this to play the expansion.  It is a gift to you from Stronghold Games, as our fans wanted an engraved red Creature Die.  Well, you spoke, we listened… and you get an engraved red Creature die now!

You can go directly to our “Specials” page to purchase these great mini-expansions, as well as the previously announced promos and card sleeves for our other recent releases like “Space Cadets”, “Core Worlds: Galactic Orders”, and “CO2″ and “Revolver 2: Last Stand At Malpaso”.  Here is a direct link to our specials on this website:



And here are our previously announced promo/special items, all still available:

  • Space Cadets: “Experimental Equipment and Crystals promo pack, PLUS Ship of the Line gray plastic miniature” ($7.50)
  • Space Cadets: “Bride Station Insignia BUTTONS” ($9.95)
  • Core Worlds: “Buono Core World” promo pack ($5.00)
  • CO2: “The Arctic mini-expansion ($5.00)
  • Revolver 1: “By The Gun They Died” expansion (regularly $19.95… now only $14.95)
  • Revolver 1 & 2″: Art Card Sleeves for your Jack Colty, Ned McReady, General Malpache, and Padre Esteban decks ($12.95/each)


"Experimental Equipment and Crystals" promo pack


New Game Accessory/Promo products available in the Stronghold Games store!

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

In our continuing efforts to bring you the best gaming experience possible, Stronghold Games has added several “Game Accessory/Promo” products into our store!

Right now, you will find:

  • Space Cadets:  “Experimental Equipment and Crystals promo pack, PLUS Ship of the Line gray plastic miniature” ($7.50)
  • Space Cadets:  “Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS” ($9.95)
  • Core Worlds:  “Buono Core World” promo pack ($5.00)
  • CO2:  “The Arctic mini-expansion ($5.00)
  • Revolver 1:  “By The Gun They Died” expansion ($14.95)
  • Revolver 1 & 2″:  Art Card Sleeves for your Jack Colty, Ned McReady, General Malpache, and Padre Esteban decks ($12.95/each)

And coming soon, back by popular demand, for “Survive: Escape From Atlantis!” (and branded for the new 30th Anniversary Edition):

  • Survive! 5-6 Player mini-expansion ($9.95)
  • Survive! The Giant Squid mini-expansion ($5.95)
  • Survive! Dolphins & Dive Dice mini-expansion ($9.95)

Here is a direct link to these and all SPECIALS in our store:

"Experimental Equipment and Crystals" promo pack


Win a copy of “Article 27: The UN Security Council Game” or “Crude: The Oil Game” (or both!)

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Stronghold Games is running a contest on Board Game Geek!  The Grand Prize is:

- a copy of BOTH Article 27: The UN Security Council Game and Crude: The Oil Game, the two great games that are both currently on preorder on the Stronghold Games website!

And for the TEN Runners’ Up in the contest, the prize is a copy of EITHER Article 27: The UN Security Council Game OR Crude: The Oil Game !

To win, you’ll have to find answers to some questions about these games.  You get one entry in the contest just for signing up, and one more entry in the contest for each correct answer you make.  All the answers can be found on the Stronghold Games website!

For all the official information on the contest and to enter, go to this link:

Stronghold Games “Article 27 & Crude” Contest! Ends Oct. 9th!

Are you interested to see the rules for these great games?  Well, you should be! <hint, hint>  Here are links to the rules for both games:

Article 27: The UN Security Council Game

Crude: The Oil Game

[Oh, of course, if you have or will be preordering the games from Stronghold Games, don't worry! If you win the contest, we'll be happy to refund you for the preorder.  So you really should GO NOW to preorder these stunningly beautiful and great games before the end of the preorder window, which will be Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 3pm Eastern!  If you forgot to preorder, well... you'll have to wait until November to purchase these games in stores.]

You can preorder the games at this link: September-October Preorders

CRUDE and ARTICLE 27: Preorders are now open!

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Preorders are now Open Today for 2 highly anticipated 2012 boardgame releases…

Article 27 : The UN Security Council Game


Crude: The Oil Game

This is your opportunity to get 30% off on these two beautiful-looking, great games, save on combined shipping, plus get the Stronghold Games guarantee that you will have your preorders shipped to you before anyone else!

As these 2 long-anticipated game productions are complete…

… YES, they are complete and now are about to be loaded onto ships, not like this stuff you have to “kick to get started”… :)

Stronghold Games is proud to announce that PREORDERS are open for these two new great games:

Article 27: The United Nations Security Council Game

Article 27: The UN Security Council Game

A pure negotiation game!  No knowledge of politics or the UN is required… only your willingness to negotiate, bribe, and backstab the other players is required!  And, yes, it comes with a real wooden gavel… Photos below!

Crude: The Oil Game (a.k.a. McMulti)

An economic simulation of the energy markets… with some of the coolest plastic bits every produced for a board game!
Almost 300 plastic pieces to represent all of the Oil Drilling Rigs, Oil Wells, Refineries, Gas Stations, and Crude Oil and Gasoline Barrels!