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Stronghold Games – a Bronze SPONSOR of International Table Top Day! Come out and play on April 4-6, 2014!

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Stronghold Games is proud to be a Bronze-level SPONSOR of International Table Top Day, Saturday, April 5, 2014!

We urge all gamers to gather on this great occassion and celebrate the hobby that we all love so much!  Table Top Day events are being organized literally all over the world, so find one close to you (OR organize your own!), and join in this great day of gaming!

You can jump over to the Table Top Day website to find an event close to you at this link:

OR maybe… if you happen to be in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvannia, or the greater NYC metropolitan area, how about joining the Stronghold Games team at MAELSTROM in Morristown, NJ!  Here is a link to information about the Stronghold Games event at Maelstrom (and read on for a DISCOUNT CODE for pre-registering):

Stronghold Games will be hosting game events at the Maelstrom Game Convention from Friday, April 4 (starting at 6pm) through Sunday, April 6 (ending around 4pm), so this is a 3-day event!  That’s a lot of TABLE TOP GAMING!

All of the great games from Stronghold Games will be available for play, including some unreleased games (like Rogue Agent and the Voluspa: Order of the Gods expansion) and prototypes of to-be-released games (like Kanban: Automotive Revolution and Panmax)!  We’ll also be featuring one of our latest games, SPACE SHEEP!.

Registration for the Maelstrom convention is necessary to play, but Stronghold Games has arranged a discount for all of its fans who pre-register for the convention (and you *must* pre-register to get the discount).  To pre-register, go to this website and enter the Special Discount code below:

Go to:
Use Special Discount Code:   Stronghold-Maelstrom-$5

We’ll be free-styling at the convention! So, you will be able to chose from ANY of the Stronghold Games’ products to play, and have someone teach you if you don’t know how to play.  We’ll have a lot of games with us to play, and we’ll be featuring these new games:

  • “Rogue Agent” (not available yet in stores!)
  • “Voluspa” plus the expansion “Volupsa: Order of the Gods” (not available yet in stores!)
  • “Space Sheep!“ (a featured game at Geek & Sundy’s event!)
  • “Going, Going, GONE!“ (by Scott Nicholson of Board Games With Scott)

Come join us!  Pre-register at the link above for the discount, OR just register onsite if you want!  Gaming fun for all!