It is the First Annual… CYBER DECEMBER Sale!

Black Friday?  Bah!

Cyber Monday?  Feh!

It’s the Stronghold Games CYBER DECEMBER Sale!

Save 30% on some of our classic game titles during Stronghold Games’ CYBER DECEMBER Sale!

And all orders can qualify for FREE SHIPPING(*) during this sale!
See Coupon Codes and details for qualifications on the free shipping offer below.

Click here to review all the games on our CYBER DECEMBER Sale list!

Milestones - box top








Here are the games that are ON SALE during our CYBER DECEMBER SALE!

  • Code 777 – regularly $34.95.  NOW:  $24.47
  • Confusion: Espionage & Deception in the Cold War - regularly $59.95. NOW: $41.97
  • Panic Station - regularly $29.95.  NOW: $20.97
  • Outpost – regularly $59.95.  NOW: $41.97
  • Lost Temple – regularly $34.95.  NOW:  $24.47
  • Revolver 1: The Wild West Gunfighting Game – regularly $29.95.  NOW: $20.97
  • Little Devils – regularly $14.95.  NOW: $10.47
  • Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom - regularly $14.95.  NOW: $10.47
  • Milestones – regularly $49.95, NOW: $34.97

Click here for the CYBER DECEMBER game sale list!


(*) To quality for the FREE/DISCOUNTED SHIPPING offer:

  • On all orders over $100, get FREE shipping within the USA!  Use Coupon Code:  cyber-december-usa
  • For Canadian orders over $100, get $15 off the shipping cost!  Use Coupon Code:  cyber-december-canada

NOTE:  Our coupons do not work properly on occasion.  All orders will be reviewed and if the order does not exceed $100 yet the coupon code was used successfully, the order will be canceled and the amount refunded.  We are sorry for the inconvenience of our flakey ordering system.


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