Become a “Knight of The Stronghold”! Booth Demo Help Wanted in ESSEN and BGG.CON!

Are you going to (or considering going to) any major game conventions this year, such as:
  • The Spiel in ESSEN, Germany:  October 24-27, 2013
  • BGG.con in DALLAS, Texas, USA:  November 20-24, 2013

If so, then… Stronghold Games wants YOU!  Become a…

“Knight of the Stronghold

…by joining our booth staff at either The Spiel in Essen or BGG.con in Dallas this year!  [Openings for Origins, the WBC, Gen Con and all 2014 major conventions are also available.]

The Knights of the Stronghold are the elite booth staff and demo team that Stronghold Games uses at the major conventions which we attend worldwide!  At these conventions, The Knights of the Stronghold ensure that those gamers who come to our booth feel welcome and have a great time, and they provide gamers with demos and explanations of our games, as well as assisting in sales.

As a Knight of the Stronghold you will receive various benefits for helping Stronghold Games.  The benefits are tailored to each person, and are generally based upon the amount of time that the individual provides to Stronghold Games in the booth.  These benefits can include:

  • An Exhibitor Badge, which provides The Knights access to the Exhibitor Hall earlier than regular convention attendees!
  • Refreshments and snacks!
  • …and, of course… free GAMES! – and these games always include the LATEST HOT releases from Stronghold Games!

If you are interested in being part of this great elite team, please send an email letting us know at which game con you want to assist, and generally what your availability to help in the booth will be.

Your Knighthood is awaiting!  Come join us in ESSEN in October or BGG.CON in November!

Email us now at


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