Survive! Mini-Expansions available in the Stronghold Games store!

For our best selling game, “Survive: Escape From Atlantis!“, we now have THREE Mini-Expansions available for purchase in the Stronghold Games store!  These are:

  • Survive: 5-6 Player mini-expansion ($9.95)
  • Survive: The Giant Squid mini-expansion ($5.95)
  • Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice mini-expansion ($9.95)

The “Survive: The Giant Squid” and the “Survive: 5-6 Player” Mini-Expansions are back after being out-of-print for quite some time.  These have been rebranded with our beautiful 30th Anniversary artwork.

Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice” is an all-new mini-expansion, and never-before released by itself.  It consists of:

  1. Dolphins!  You get 4 Dolphin tokens to add into this great game!
  2. Dive Dice!  You get 2 blue engraved “Dive Dice”, which make the very cutthroat game of Survive! even more cutthroat!  [It takes cutthroat to an "11"!]
  3. Creature Die!  You get 1 red engraved Creature Die, which is a replacement for the red Creature Die that came with the base game.  You don’t need this to play the expansion.  It is a gift to you from Stronghold Games, as our fans wanted an engraved red Creature Die.  Well, you spoke, we listened… and you get an engraved red Creature die now!

You can go directly to our “Specials” page to purchase these great mini-expansions, as well as the previously announced promos and card sleeves for our other recent releases like “Space Cadets”, “Core Worlds: Galactic Orders”, and “CO2″ and “Revolver 2: Last Stand At Malpaso”.  Here is a direct link to our specials on this website:



And here are our previously announced promo/special items, all still available:

  • Space Cadets: “Experimental Equipment and Crystals promo pack, PLUS Ship of the Line gray plastic miniature” ($7.50)
  • Space Cadets: “Bride Station Insignia BUTTONS” ($9.95)
  • Core Worlds: “Buono Core World” promo pack ($5.00)
  • CO2: “The Arctic mini-expansion ($5.00)
  • Revolver 1: “By The Gun They Died” expansion (regularly $19.95… now only $14.95)
  • Revolver 1 & 2″: Art Card Sleeves for your Jack Colty, Ned McReady, General Malpache, and Padre Esteban decks ($12.95/each)


"Experimental Equipment and Crystals" promo pack


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