New Game Accessory/Promo products available in the Stronghold Games store!

In our continuing efforts to bring you the best gaming experience possible, Stronghold Games has added several “Game Accessory/Promo” products into our store!

Right now, you will find:

  • Space Cadets:  “Experimental Equipment and Crystals promo pack, PLUS Ship of the Line gray plastic miniature” ($7.50)
  • Space Cadets:  “Bridge Station Insignia BUTTONS” ($9.95)
  • Core Worlds:  “Buono Core World” promo pack ($5.00)
  • CO2:  “The Arctic mini-expansion ($5.00)
  • Revolver 1:  “By The Gun They Died” expansion ($14.95)
  • Revolver 1 & 2″:  Art Card Sleeves for your Jack Colty, Ned McReady, General Malpache, and Padre Esteban decks ($12.95/each)

And coming soon, back by popular demand, for “Survive: Escape From Atlantis!” (and branded for the new 30th Anniversary Edition):

  • Survive! 5-6 Player mini-expansion ($9.95)
  • Survive! The Giant Squid mini-expansion ($5.95)
  • Survive! Dolphins & Dive Dice mini-expansion ($9.95)

Here is a direct link to these and all SPECIALS in our store:

"Experimental Equipment and Crystals" promo pack


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