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Win a copy of “Article 27: The UN Security Council Game” or “Crude: The Oil Game” (or both!)

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Stronghold Games is running a contest on Board Game Geek!  The Grand Prize is:

- a copy of BOTH Article 27: The UN Security Council Game and Crude: The Oil Game, the two great games that are both currently on preorder on the Stronghold Games website!

And for the TEN Runners’ Up in the contest, the prize is a copy of EITHER Article 27: The UN Security Council Game OR Crude: The Oil Game !

To win, you’ll have to find answers to some questions about these games.  You get one entry in the contest just for signing up, and one more entry in the contest for each correct answer you make.  All the answers can be found on the Stronghold Games website!

For all the official information on the contest and to enter, go to this link:

Stronghold Games “Article 27 & Crude” Contest! Ends Oct. 9th!

Are you interested to see the rules for these great games?  Well, you should be! <hint, hint>  Here are links to the rules for both games:

Article 27: The UN Security Council Game

Crude: The Oil Game

[Oh, of course, if you have or will be preordering the games from Stronghold Games, don't worry! If you win the contest, we'll be happy to refund you for the preorder.  So you really should GO NOW to preorder these stunningly beautiful and great games before the end of the preorder window, which will be Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 3pm Eastern!  If you forgot to preorder, well... you'll have to wait until November to purchase these games in stores.]

You can preorder the games at this link: September-October Preorders